Hey. back again. I meant to post more but, well, read the previous post.

So. What’s DRC been up to lately? Well, I just started¬†ilovemyspouse.tumblr.com because I love my wife, and want a place where other people can express that too. If you don’t hate the person you’re with, op on over and submit something. It’d make my, and I’m sure someone else’s day :)

Right now I’m listening to the last year’s worth of music from Dan Wilkes – I love this song:

Raps For Your Brain by SWAGBERG

Other than that, I’ve been toying with the family site, which isn’t nearly ready yet. I keep thinking of different things to do with it, can’t make any¬†decisions. I did manage to set up the emails for the domain though, so I’m not a total loser.

I also played a bunch of Portal 2 Co-op with my buddy Ben.

And other than that, not much. Working as a pharmaceutical industry technical agent, but not for much longer. Wishing I had a more obvious and extreme talent. Or a rich uncle.

Anyway. Until next time.

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