Rock Band 3; Player,Character; etc.

So Rock Band 3 announced for end-of-year, some predictions:

  1. Basic stuff: slightly updated instruments, importing songs from RB1 and RB2.
  2. Mainly updates from Beatles RB: harmonies, pause countdown, etc.
  3. What I’m most interested in is a closer integration with Rock Bank Network. Back when Guitar Hero World Tour came out with a music creator as its big selling point, Harmonix responded that it wasn’t good enough to include in Rock Bank, not until they had improved the mechanics presented in GHWT. That RB3 is announced on the heels of RBN going public is probably not a coincidence.
  4. I hope for better character creation stuff. Better Body modification, more/different clothes.
  5. No Beatles RB song imports. It won’t happen.
  6. No stringed guitar controller. No matter what rumours you’ve heard, it’s to fundamental a change and too difficult to keep simple.-edit: Apparently it’s not that hard.

Also, listening to Anthony Burch’s UC Berkly talk about character development and player identity. Awesome stuff. I may not have mentioned Burch before – he is a fantastic, cleaver man. Check him out.

And, if you’re in the Ottawa area, my friend Matt has a band. I think they’re great. You should check them out.